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Applicable regulation

Due to the nature of PVC-O applications (water supply, water reuse, irrigation, sanitation, firefighting networks, agriculture installations, industrial applications, etc.), a variety of certifications are needed to prove compliance with industry-specific regulations, being drinking water a main concern. It is imperative that the end product is suitable for drinking water supply. The quality of water circulating through Molecor PVC-O fittings remain always unaltered since the corrosion and migration phenomenon to the conveyed fluid do not exist.

Molecor is working to obtain different certifications to ensure the suitability of the end product.

In addition to this, an intense work is being done for the development of a standard that meets the specifications required for fittings made of Oriented PVC. The prEN 17176 standard will include specifications for fittings of this material and will be the standard under which ecoFITTOM® is certified.


This project has received funding from the Horizon 2020 research and innovation program of the European Union under Grant Agreement Nº 756698