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Product range

Currently, ecoFITTOM® are manufactured in DN110, DN160, DN200, DN250, DN315 and DN400 in PN16 bar. The available range of products will be progressively widened until covering all the market demands.

11.25˚ Bend PN16 bar

ecoFITTOM 22.5 bend

22.5˚ Bend PN16 bar

22,5⁰ PN16 bar ecoFITTOM bend

45˚ Bend PN16 bar

45⁰ PN16 bar ecoFITTOM bend

Reduction PN16 bar

PN16 bar ecoFITTOM reducer

Coupler PN16 bar

PN16 bar ecoFITTOM coupler

Sliding PN16 bar coupler

PN16 bar ecoFITTOM sliding coupler

For further information about ecoFITTOM® you can download the technical sheet:

ecoFITTOM technical sheet


This project has received funding from the Horizon 2020 research and innovation program of the European Union under Grant Agreement Nº 756698