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Sanitation and potable water program for the Chaco and intermediate cities of the eastern region of Paraguay (phase II)

Abastecimiento y distribución
El Chaco
Consorcio Chaco
MOPC - Ministry of Public Works and Communications
Talavera y Ortellado & Rovella Carranza
Longitud total (m): 
DN (mm) y PN (bar): 
250 mm
16 bar
315 mm
16 bar
355 mm
16 bar
400 mm
16 bar

The second phase of the Aqueduct Project for the Central Chaco, has been executed by the Chaco Consortium, composed of the construction companies Talavera and Ortellado & Rovella Carranza. The supply has been quickly and efficiently made by Molecor-Titan and allows drinking water to reach around 70,000 people living in the cities of Philadelphia, Neuland and Loma Plata, among others, as well as 86 indigenous villages in the Paraguayan Chaco thus contributing to strengthen the drinking water and sanitation sector in the region.

The main objective of this program is to contribute to the improvement of the sanitary conditions of the indigenous populations of the Chaco and of the intermediate cities of the Eastern Region of Paraguay by extending the coverage of the drinking water and sanitary sewer systems in areas lacking the service or in which it is deficient and so, ensure its sustainability.

The most efficient solution for the execution of this project has been TOM® pipes and ecoFITTOM® fittings manufactured with the Molecor technology. These pipes and fittings have a series of advantages compared to other materials that make them the ideal solution thanks to their operating efficiency and low maintenance costs. They present a higher installation performance in meters/hour compared to other solutions due to their lightness and ductility, their ease of connection and their great impact resistance, a characteristic acquired in the molecular orientation process by which they are manufactured. Their high physical-mechanical and chemical properties ensure the reliability and environmental protection, offering a better behavior of respect for the environment contributing to the creation of high quality water conduction systems.

In total, more than 172 km of PVC-O TOM® pipes and more than 200 ecoFITTOM® fittings have been installed, including 45º bends, 22.5º bends, couplers and reducers of all diameters manufactured by Molecor.

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