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Molecor, innovation as the answer to your needs

Since its origin, Molecor has an innovative attitude, driving new ideas and changes that improve the company’s efficiency for decisions and corporate investments, along with the daily activities.

Molecor has been awarded with the Prize Enterpreneur XXI for its contribution to society with its cost efficient and sustainable solutions.

The innovative attitude is expressed through the patents PCT that Molecor has registered at the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO).

Besides, we have different agreements with the most reputed public research and development centers in Spain, such as the Center for Tecnological and Industrial Development and the National Company for Innovation.


With new features in the PVC-O pipe that improve its behaviour, and process developments that results in the client’s satisfaction.


Innovating and expanding our business, complying to PVC-O pipe standards and market demands.


With innovative solutions that enlarge the range of products, gaining access to new markets.