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Throughout its career Molecor has received several awards and recognitions that have contributed significantly to consolidate its presence and global leadership as a developer of technology for the manufacture of PVC Oriented pipes. The most important awards received by Molecor have been:

XXI Entrepreneur Award

On October 10th, 2012 Molecor received the Entrepreneur XXI Award, an award that honors the most innovative companies from two to seven years, recognizing the contribution made to profitable and sustainable solutions for society. This is the highest award for entrepreneurs in Spain. Molecor prevailed in the category Grow XXI to the other five finalists, Avinent, ParkHelp, ReviewPro, Social Point and Zyncro that applied for this award.

Solvin Awards 2013

In 2013 the Spanish company Molecor was awarded with the highest award in the Solvin Awards competition, dedicated to innovation and technological advances of PVC in different sectors. The 78 participating projects came from very different sectors ranging from construction to electronics; gardening road safety; health to mechanical motor and other manufactures. Besides this, Molecor was a finalist in other awards such as the European Business Awards.

2015 CEPYME Awards

On November 4th, 2015 Molecor was awarded as the best "SME of the Year" at the II CEPYME Awards convened the Spanish Confederation of Small and Medium Enterprises and the Spanish Federation of Autonomous (CEAT).

The aim of these awards is to recognise and disseminate the work of small and medium enterprises and of self-employed, highlighting the performance of their work at the service of society both in Spain and abroad, as well as the main role they play being motor of the economy.

The awards, had the honorary presidency of His Majesty the King, and were sponsored by Banco Santander in collaboration, among others, with Facebook and Randstand.

Molecor, best SME of the year

Outstanding Technical Novelty Award

During the development of the Technical News Contest within the edition of Smagua 2017, Molecor obtained the name Outstanding Technical Novelty for the ecoFITTOM® fittings, exclusive product worldwide that allows to obtain uniformity in terms of materials, properties and characteristics in the water networks that was not possible until now. ecoFITTOM® is an efficient solution in costs and able to improve the characteristics and the long term results obtained by the fittings manufactured in other materials.

ecoFITTOM. Novedad Técnica Sobresaliente

Technical Novelty Award

In the edition of Smagua 2019 the Technical News Contest whose purpose is to reward products and systems that imply a technical evolution in the water sector, has rewarded the latest development of Molecor: the "CPVC-O Pipes" with the award of Technical Novelty. The CPVC-O pipes, a new product in which the company has been investigating and which has been successfully tested, represent a new milestone for the company.

Tuberías de CPVC-O Molecor