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Molecor technology, efficiency and sustainability

PVC-O pipes manufactured with Molecor technology are the most ecological solution and the most energy efficient all throughout its useful life. These are the main reasons:

Product: PVC-O pipe

The excellent mechanical properties of PVC-O pipes enable a significant reduction on the wall thickness compared to other materials with the same phisycal requirements, reaching important raw material savings.The petrol consumption needed to manufacture the raw material is, therefore, lower than for other plastic conduits, since more pipes are manufactured with the same quantity of raw material.

PVC-O pipes are 100% recyclables. They can be ground and processed as recycled material, presenting the same features as the initial material. Consequently, they can be used as raw material in PVC-O production (only recycled material from our manufacturing process) or in other applications (packaging, cable covering,..)

Process: Molecor Technology

One of the most important innovations in Molecor is the increase in productivity due to the development of a full dry system that uses air instead of water in the process.

Reduction of the use of water at high temperatures during the process.

The energy consumption needed in the manufacturing process is slightly lower than other PVC-O pipe manufacturing processes and considerably lower than other plastic pipes. System stability, that can easily use recycled material from the own manufacturing process as raw material.

Tecnologia Molecor, eficiencia energética y sostenibilidad