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PVC-O, the most eco-friendly solution for pressure water transportation

PVC O pipe behaviour during installation and use means a revolution for the pressure water transportation sector. The quality of the product during all its usefull life optimizes the hydraulic resources, reducing the energetic consumption and the CO2 emissions to the atmosphere.

The environmental advantages of TOM® PVC O pipes relate to their chemical nature, to the improvement in the mechanical properties produced during the Molecular Orientation process, and to its energy efficiency all along its usefull life.

  • PVC is a material resistant to chemical attack, so there is no corrosion during its usefull life and there is no need for coating solutions.
  • TOM® PVC O pipes do not contain toxic substances, such as heavy metals on its formulation, which avoids its presence as waste in the environment.
  • Long useful life. A usefull life of more than 50 years ensures the product sustainability.
  • The reducction in the pipe’s wall thickness increases the free section, which results in a higher hydraulic capacity for the same outside diameter while the energy consumption is reduced for a better pipe efficiency.
  • The weight reduction decreases the energy needed and the emissions produced during transport.
  • PVC pipes are light and easy to handle during installation. The weight reduction eliminates the need of heavy machinery, being this necessary only for diameters bigger than DN315 mm (12”), thus reducing the energy needed and the CO2 emissions generated.
  • The smooth surface on the inner pipe wall reduces the load losses, which implies a lower energetic consumption.
  • The assembly of PVC O pipes is carried out through a plug-in socket system. This socket or bell is shaped at the same time as the pipe, by means of an integrated process developed and patented by Molecor which ensures perfect tightness, avoiding load losses and the waste of water resources.