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Efficiency and productivity

The challenge achieved by Molecor is to develop an industrially feasible and effective technology compatible with conventional PVC pipes.

Using this technology is easy, it has a low learning curve with which a special training is not required to start using it.

  • Automatic programming of the process sequences with graphic symbols.
  • Clean system that provides security to operators against leakage through the use of air.
  • Quality control tube to tube.
  • Remote access for troubleshooting production.
  • Monitoring and advice on preventive maintenance.

  • Energy applied only in the pipe by specific air distribution.
  • Automatic, low labor required.
  • Power consumption comparable to a conventional extrusion line.
  • Reprocessed material use.

  • Extrusion and orientation disconnected to prevent the spread of punctual failures.
  • Power outages do not cause stops all along the whole line.

  • In-line work at the same speed as the extruder.
  • No intermediate stocks.
  • Fast and easy start in less than an hour.
  • Standard factory distribution, even for large diameters.