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Model M-OR-P 5012

Technology to manufacture the largest PVC-O pipes

General information

Molecor has developed the first system in the world able to manufacture PVC-O pipes up to the diameter DN1200 mm (48’’). This system M-OR-P 5012, is able to manufacture pipes from DN500 mm (18’’) to DN1200 mm (48’’) which can be used in the main distribution networks for high-pressure water supply, uptake in lakes, desalination stations or other municipal or state major projects.

  • Orientation degree: Class 500
  • Union system: Integrated or ISS+
  • Pressure rate: PN25 bar / 305 psi
  • DN: from 500 mm to 1200 mm / 18” to 48”
  • Recommended extrusion line: ARGOS 135, PH5 to PH7
  • Production: 7.000 T / año


Molecor M-OR-P 5012


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