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BIS, the Indian Government Agency publishes the IS 16647:2017 standard for PVC-O

IS 16647:2017 Standard for PVCO India
Thu, 06/21/2018

The numerous benefits that PVC-O pipes have demonstrated to provide to the different agents of the water market are one of the reasons why their demand has been strongly driven during the last years.

The greatest use of PVC-O pipes registered worldwide has motivated many countries to develop a national standard that regularizes their manufacture, in order to guarantee the maximum product quality, adapting it to the specific needs of each market.

Today, there are many countries that have developed a national standard in order to regularize the manufacturing of PVC-O pipes, being the adaptation of the international standard ISO 16422 “Pipes and joints made of oriented unplasticized poli (vinyl chloride) (PVC-O) for the conveyance of water under pressure. Specifications” to the local requirements, one of the most common procedures by which such nationalization is carried out.

With the development and publication of the IS 1664:2017 standard “Oriented unplasticized polyvinyl chloride (PVC-O) Pipes for water supply- Specification”, India  becomes one of the last countries to carry out the nationalization of the ISO 16422 standard.

Molecor, as a company specialized in the production of PVC-O pipes, adapts the manufacturing of its TOM® pipes to the different international standards, adjusting and fulfilling the specific requirements of each market.

In this way, TOM® pipes are manufactured according to the Spanish standard UNE-ISO 16422:2015Pipes and oriented polychloride vinyl (PVC-O) unions for pressurized water pipes” standard which is based on the international standard ISO 16422 and to the French  standard NF 54948:2010 “Tubes en poly(chlorure de vinyle) orienté biaxial (PVC-BO) et leurs assemblages”.

Furthermore, the manufacture of TOM® pipes is carried out in accordance with other international standards such as: SANS standard (South Africa), AS/NZS 441 SAI GLOBAL brand (Australia), NTC 5425 INCOTEC brand (Colombia), ISO 16422 INEN brand (Ecuador) ISO 16422 SIRIM brand (Malaysia), etc.

It should be noted that Molecor not only cares and invests resources with the purpose of complying with the different international regulatory standards of PVC-O pipes, but also proactively participates, through its collaboration in technical and standardization forums, in the development of regulations that enable the cooperation between different countries and the development of new markets.

IS 16647:2017 Standard for PVCO India