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Privacy policy

I.- Legal information and data collection

Users guarantee the truthfulness and authenticity of all the data they provide in completing the registration forms and any time afterwards (requesting information by e-mail, etc.), and are responsible for updating the information furnished so that it reflects their real situation. Users will be responsible for any inaccuracy or untruthfulness in the information furnished.
By completing the different data-collection forms of this Website or making any information request, users grant their express consent to their personal data being processed by MOLECOR TECNOLOGIA, S.L. and incorporated into a file, duly registered with the Spanish Data Protection Agency ( for which the foregoing company is responsible, for the purpose of providing more detailed information about our products, commercial offerings, etc. MOLECOR TECNOLOGIA, S.L. has taken all the necessary technical and organisation measures to protect the Personal Data it obtains. These data are processed using automated means. In all cases, MOLECOR TECNOLOGIA, S.L. undertakes to process the personal data in accordance with the applicable Law and legal provisions regarding data-protection, and to establish the respective non-disclosure commitments with any third parties to whom it assigns or allows access to those personal data. Pursuant to article 5 of Act 15/1999, users are informed of their option of exercising their right of access, correction, removal or objection by sending a signed letter, together with a photocopy of their ID, to the party responsible for the data, to: MOLECOR TECNOLOGIA, S.L. with the reference DATA PROTECTION, at the following address: Km 3.1 M-206 Torrejón-Loeches, Loeches 28890 - Madrid, telephone: 902 106 174, or by sending an e-mail to:

II.- Use of cookie technology

MOLECOR TECNOLOGIA, S.L. uses cookies when a user visits its website. These cookies are only associated with anonymous users and their computers, and provide no references that enable the user’s name and surname to be obtained. The cookies used by MOLECOR TECNOLOGIA, S.L. cannot read the information on the hard disks of users or read cookie files created by other service-providers. MOLECOR TECNOLOGIA, S.L. ciphers the identity particular of users, for greater safety. The cookies allow MOLECOR TECNOLOGIA, S.L. to recognise registered users as soon as they have first registered, which saves them the need to register every time they visit the website.
Uses may configure their browsers to warn them onscreen when cookies are received, and to prevent cookies from being installed in their hard disks.
To use our Website, it is not necessary for a user to permit the installation of the cookies sent, but not installing them means that the user must register each time he/she accesses a service that requires prior registration.