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CPVC-O pipes awarded as Technical Novelty at Smagua 2019

CPVC-O pipes awarded as Technical Novelty at Smagua 2019
Wed, 02/13/2019

The Technical Novelties Contest developed at Smagua, which aims to reward products and systems that involve a technical evolution in the water sector, has awarded Molecor's latest development: the "CPVC-O Pipes" with the denomination of Technical Novelty.

Molecor is a company committed to innovation and development, and within its ongoing R&D process, it presents its latest development: CPVC-O pipes, a new product in which the company has been investigating and which has successfully been tested .

By applying the principles of Molecular Orientation to the CPVC we achieve a product with all the advantages that traditional PVC-O pipes have, while increasing the resistance to the high temperatures that CPVC pipes have presented up to now. Being able to develop a product range with superior features and advantages, in addition to the possibility of expanding the current range of diameters.

C-PVC-O (Oriented Chlorinated Vinyl Chloride), Promoting the limits of Molecular Orientation.

The Molecor Molecular Orientation machine (Model M-OR-P-1640) was adapted to work in a higher temperature range. The tests were performed with a preform and a final pipe of a popular and existing product, the DN160 mm. The raw material was supplied by Lubrizol, TempRite 88703.

The implications of saving material, energy and reducing the carbon footprint are some of the remarkable features of this new material.

The Molecor technology, with the models M-OR-P 1640, M-OR-P 3163, M-OR-P 3180 and M-OR-P 5012 could develop CPVC-O pipes of higher diameters than those currently included in the CPVC standards. In addition to this, due to the reduction in thickness, it would also be possible to increase the nominal pressure of the pipes, which currently, in CPVC is limited to PN=10 bar and while in CPVC-O this range of pressures could be increased to PN=12.5 bar and even PN=16 bar.

Tuberías de CPVC-O premiadas como  Novedad Técnica en SMAGUA 2019