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Molecor achieves SNI: the Indonesian Certification for TOM® Oriented PVC pipes

Molecor achieves SNI: the Indonesian Certification for TOM®
Wed, 10/31/2018

Compliance with EU regulations and globally with local regulations based on internationally renown quality standards is something that Molecor has taken very seriously since its foundation. Molecor has always been very engaged in the standardization and regulatory processes that affect our company, our products and – most importantly – our customers.

On the 26th October Molecor reached another milestone by being granted the certification for PVC-O in Indonesia by the BSI (Balai Sertifikasi Industri). This certification is in accordance with the local regulatory SNI ISO 16422:2014: Pipa dan sambungan dibuat dari polivinil klorida non plastisasi terorientasi (PVC-O) untuk mengalirkan air bertekanan – Spesifikasi. (Pipes and joints made of oriented unplasticized poly(vinyl chloride) (PVC-O) for the conveyance of water under pressure — Specifications)

This local regulation specifies the general characteristics of Oriented PVC pipes in canalization systems for supply and water distribution, pressure sewage and irrigation systems. With the obtaining of the above mentioned certification Molecor has proven to meet all the requirements defined in the regulations and its technical specifications. The SNI ISO 16422:2014 certification validates the production of TOM® pipes (Molecor´s PVC-O pipes) in the wide range of nominal pressures (12.5, 16, 20 and 25 bar) and diameters from 90 to 1000 mm).

With the technology developed by Molecor, PVC-O pipes comply with a wide range of different international standards, proofing to be a highly competitive material in the most demanding markets.

PVC-O pipes produced with Molecor´s technology are certified in a large number of countries across the globe according to the applicable regulations in the corresponding countries.

Molecor achieves SNI: the Indonesian Certification for TOM®