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Molecor Technical Conference at ONAS - National Office of Sanitation (Tunisia)

Molecor Technical Conference at ONAS - National Office of Sanitation (Tunisia)
Thu, 05/04/2017

On May 27th, within the promotional activities developed by Molecor, the day of prescription was held at the headquarters of ONAS National Office of Sanitation (Ministry of Water Resources and Environment), Tunisia.

The National Sanitation Office is responsible in the national territory for the operation, maintenance, renovation, and extension of construction works and sanitation infrastructures. Therefore, it provides:

Protection and safeguarding of water resources and the environment.
The fight against all sources of water pollution.
Preservation of health.

During the day the advantages of the TOM® Oriented PVC pipes compared to other alternative materials were presented. The molecular orientation gives TOM® PVC-O pipes significant advantages in the quality of the product, its installation and use; offering a better behavior of respect for the environment, presenting a better environmental footprint than other materials, improving the contribution to the correct sustainable development of the planet, and optimizing the consumption of natural resources.

Jornada técnica Molecor en la ONAS