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The World Water Day celebrates its 25th anniversary

Mon, 03/19/2018

Next 22nd of March the 25th anniversary of the World Water Day will be celebrated. It was the 22nd of March, 1993, the first day that the General Assembly dedicated exclusively and internationally to this resource.

The subject which the celebration of this important international day will revolve around is “Nature-Based Solutions”. The purpose of this day is to appeal the citizens from all around the world for their collaboration in the research of natural solutions that make it possible to face and to tackle the main current challenges and concerns, such as: climate change, water security, food safety, human health, socio-economic developments and preservation of natural disasters.


  • Between 64%-71% of natural wetlands have been lost since 1900 as a consequence of the human activity
  • 2.100 million people do not have access to potable water. This figure is estimated to be around 4 million in 2050
  • In 2050  the water demand is expected to be roughly 30% superior to the current one
  • 1.900 million people live in areas that may be in situation of extreme drought in a few years. This figure is expected to increase up to 3.000 by 2050
  • In 2050, 20% of the population will be exposed to strong floods
  • 65% of forest land has turned into a desert and 1.800 million people will be affected by this process of desertification
  • 10% of water is destined to domestic use, 70% to agriculture and 20% to industrial issues
  • More than 80% of sewerage water generated by society is released to environment without being treated and re-used

In Molecor we are completely committed to this day, and specially, to this resource. For this reason, the company strongly bets on Research and Development and works daily with the aim of achieving innovative developments that allow a secure and profitable exploitation of the water resources.

Always respecting one of the main dogmas that determinates its activity, “sustainability”, the company has achieved many advances and has made important contributions to society throughout its trajectory. Its innovative and exclusive Air Based Molecular Orientation System is just an example of these breakthroughs. The development of this system was a milestone in the sector since it entailed the launching into the market of the currently most eco-friendly pipes; the TOM® pipes, which are manufactured in PVC-O.

The anticorrosive property of PVC, the raw material of which TOM® pipes are made, their incredible resistance to impacts and to high nominal pressures at short and long term, their excellent behavior at extreme temperatures and their excellent response to water hammers are just some of the arguments that explain the existing link among the use of the TOM® pipes, the elimination of leakages and the consequent decrease in total water loss.

However, Molecor stands out not only for its exclusive manufacturing system and for having become a model to follow for its contribution to the sustainable development, which is supported by the numerous environmental advantages of its TOM® pipes, but it also occupies a predominant place in its sector for the rest of the developments achieved, which have never seen before up to this moment.

The 3163 and 3180 Systems turned Molecor into the first company capable of manufacturing PVC-O pipes of DN630 mm and DN800 mm respectively; the biggest ones manufactured in this material until this moment.

This year it has been the manufacturing and launching of ecoFITTOM®, the first fittings manufactured in PVC-O in the world, the milestone for which Molecor has become once again the leader company in its sector. Thanks to ecoFITTOM® the company is able to offer a continuous solution in PVC-O, guaranteeing a perfect watertight in the unions, and therefore, an unbeatable supply and distribution of the water resources.

In Molecor we are aware of both, that there are still numerous pending barriers to overcome and that the effort required to confront the water drought challenge is very big. However, we trust and we are pretty sure that through collaboration and the implementation of appropriate corrective and preventive measures, the challenge is more than reachable.

We encourage you to become part of the issue and to collaborate in this important World Day!

Because we are all H2O

Molecor celebrates the World Water Day 2018