Molecor technological partners are some of the leading companies in the production of components and raw materials in the plastics sector.

Raw material manufacturers:

Solvin & Solvay


Solvay is a leading global producer of innovative plastics that succesfully addresses the world’s most pressing environmental needs.

Solvay Plastics comprises two product groups, Specialty Polymers and Vinyls, whose vast array of materials consistently surpass the highest standards for sustainability, durability, chemical and temperature resistance, weatherability and transparency.

Vinyls maintains a leader position in the European markets, Mercosur and South East Asia.



International well known manufacturer of additives used to produce final products of different  industrial sectors, such as  infrastructure, construction, electrical, electronical or automotive.

With the aim to offer the best to clients, and to promote the PVC industry, Chemson manufactures  quality products according to the technical specifications, and applies sustainability policies.

The variety in PVC systems is determined by the dimensions, shapes, colours and technologies employed for its manufacturing. Chemson offers a standard range of products, but also a client’s taylormade range, following the rheological behaviour, dynamic and static stability, and colour among others.

Machinery manufacturers


battenfeld cincinnati

Battenfeld-Cincinnati is a manufacturer leader of extrusión machinery, a reference in the sector, which can respond to the growing demand of efficient and high performance machinery in various international markets. 

Three central Divisions have been formed to enable a targeted focus on  specific extrusion solutions: Construction (profile), Infrastructure (pipe) and Packaging. In each Division, the core competences of all group brands have been pooled to place their extensive know-how at the client’s  disposal.



For seven generations they have been developing, manufacturing and distributing machines and complete systems for the processing of a wide range of materials , such as wood, plastic, minerals, chemicals, etc. Within the field of plastics they are specialist in the technology of size reduction, offering a wide range of machinery and plants for the processing and size reducing of plastics

Their strength is their experience and their innovation energy, which enable them to work out, as a system supplier, problem solutions specifically meeting the customers' requirements.