Hydrostatic resistance at short and long term

TOM® pipes enable to withstand internal pressures up to twice the nominal pressure.

Materials lose their mechanical properties when subjected to strain for a long period of time. This characteristic, known as creep, appears to a far lesser extent in PVC-O 500 than in conventional plastics, which means better properties over the long term. Bearing in mind that PVC-O is exceptionally resistant to fatigue and has a very good chemical resistance, in common with conventional PVC.

Our TOM® pipe maintains the characteristics of a class 500 pipe over 100 years as indicated by long-term tests (10,000 hours) carried out by an independent accredited CEIS laboratory to our pipe according to the ISO 9080: 2013 and UNE – EN 1167: 2006 Part 1 and 2 standards. This means that the pipe can withstand its nominal pressure beyond 100 years, as long as there are no alterations in the operation of the installation. Molecor TOM® pipe has a useful life of more than 100 years.

TOM PVC-O pipes stress regression resistance