Molecor combines experience and innovation to offer a wide range that meets all necessary requirements in any work. EVAC+ evacuation system provides maximum safety and protection against fire compared to other pipes without certification.

EVAC+ drainage system is used for the drainage of domestic waste water, at low and high temperatures, associated ventilation ducts, and rainwater drainage inside the building structure.

Main advantages

Easy to install

Light, easy and quick to assemble on site

Reliability and safety

Non-flammable solution


100% recyclable material


Wide range of accessories

AENOR Certification

UNE-EN 1453 and 1329 certification

Technical Building Code

Full adaptation to the Technical Building Code


EVAC+ drainage system:

  • Drainage pipes from 32 to 315 mm.
  • Domestic sewerage diameters from 160 to 630 mm.
  • Glued joint and elastic seal fittings

Small clean water drainage:

  • 32, 40 and 50 mm. drainage pipes
  • Fittings

WC connections:

  • Elbows, outlets and sleeves

Siphon traps:

  • Traps and covers

Products of this family

  • Multilayer drainage pipe UNE-EN 1453-1
  • Compact drainage pipe UNE-EN 1329-1
  • Compact PVC pipe
  • Access elbow F-F 45º
  • End stack access elbow M-F 87º 30’
  • Elbow M-F 87º 30’ double side intake
  • Reduced elbow M-F 15º
  • Reduced elbow M-F 30º
  • Elbow M-F 87º 30’ high impact
  • Elbow M-F 87º 30’
  • Elbow M-F 87º 30’
  • Elbow M-F 45º high impact