Since its foundation in 2006, Molecor has pursued a key and essential objective: to develop increasingly efficient and innovative solutions to make products of the highest quality available to the market. Following this idea year after year, TOM® PVC-O pipes and ecoFITTOM® Oriented PVC fittings have become the most efficient and environmentally friendly solution for the transport of water under pressure.

With more than 20,000 km of TOM® PVC-O pipes installed throughout the world and manufactured with exclusive technology, Molecor is the only company in the world capable of manufacturing large diameter PVC-O pipes, since it has developed the technology to manufacture pipes up to DN1200 mm, as well as fittings of this same material.

In this way, the company offers the market a continuous and uniform Oriented PVC system in which all the elements have the same physical-mechanical properties, becoming an advantageous alternative compared to other materials. Taking into account these innumerable advantages and characteristics, the TOM® PVC-O pipes manufactured in Loeches, Madrid, by Molecor, are a product of the highest quality and have become the best alternative for the conveyance of water under pressure, furthermore, it is a product guaranteed for 50 years thanks to its excellent physical-mechanical properties and its high durability.

Guarantee exclusively applicable to PVC-O pipes manufactured in the Loeches production center (Madrid) with AENOR Product Certificate No. 001/007104 in accordance with UNE-EN 17176: 2019.