Molecor's mission is to make water an accessible asset for everyone. By using molecularly oriented PVC (PVC-O) to transport pressurised water, we make our contribution with a sustainable, long-lasting and efficient product. The presence of PVC-O throughout the world continues to grow through the sale of PVC-O pipes and accessories, PVC-O manufacturing technology licences and the creation of companies that manufacture PVC-O.

At present, Molecor has four production centres and four sales offices around the world. Getafe (Madrid, Spain) is home to its R&D facilities. Loeches (Madrid) hosts its PVC-O pipes and accessories factory. In Richards Bay (South Africa) it set up a joint venture (JV) in 2016 with Sizabantu, a partner of Molecor and leading distributor in the South African market. Lastly, it has a Latin American factory based in Asunción (Paraguay). Molecor also has three marketers: Molecor Maroc, Molecor Peru and Molecor France.

The facility in Loeches, in Madrid, is the main factory, which has nine manufacturing lines that make PVC-O TOM® pipes. This factory produces pipes in every diameter available, from DN90 to DN1200 mm at pressures from 12.5 to up to 25 bar, as well as ecoFITTOM® fittings in PVC-O, from DN110 to DN400 in PN16 bar. These products are manufactured using technology developed exclusively by the company and exported to the five continents. Thousands of kilometres of PVC-O TOM® pipes have already been installed throughout the world in supply, irrigation, recycling and fire prevention networks, and more.