As a member of the plastics industry, Molecor is aware of its responsibility to prevent the pellets and other plastic particles employed in the production process of its pipes and accessories PVC-O – from the moment raw materials are extracted to shipment of the product, via their recycling – from ending up in the environment.

For this reason, Molecor has signed up to Operation Clean Sweep (OCS), underlining its commitment to preventing resin loss in its facilities.
OCS is a global, voluntary initiative in the plastics industry seeking to reduce the loss of primary microplastics in any of their forms (resin, shavings or dust) to the environment. It has already obtained the OCS Certification from AENOR in its Loeches plant and is working in the rest of the factories to follow in its footsteps.   

The aim of this programme is Zero Plastic Resin Loss.

In Spain, the Asociación Española de Industriales de Plásticos (Spanish Association for Plastic Industries - ANAIP) is promoting this initiative, in collaboration with Plastics Europe, which is leading the programme in Europe.

This programme applies to the entire value chain of plastic materials, hence the importance of all those involved being aware of the initiative. As such, Molecor will inform its suppliers and customers as to its commitment to the programme and it will advise them to sign the commitment too.

To implement the programme, it's important to identify all points in industrial facilities that are likely to generate plastic particle losses. After assessing the situation, needs must then be determined and any improvements required must be implemented at the facilities and in equipment to prevent resin losses entering the environment. Some of these actions include implementing containment measures to prevent resin reaching the mains water supply, applying new cleaning plans and drawing up work standards.
It's extremely important that all employees are responsible for supervising and managing resin control to efficiently implement the OCS programme. To do this, an awareness and training programme must be offered to all staff members who are actively involved in preventing spillages that occur.

All of these measures must be monitored using different kinds of indicators that allow improvement of the established procedures to be measured. These indicators will be included in the Environmental Management System (ISO 14001) that Molecor has already implemented and had certified.

To demonstrate its commitment to the planet's correct sustainable development, and in line with its environmental sustainability strategy, Molecor will proceed to check correct implementation and monitoring of the OCS programme via an independent body.