Complete adaptation to the Technical Building Code

The AR® Soundproof System complies with the Basic Document DB-HS Health and Safety of the CTE (TBC, the Technical Building Code), which refers to the easy handling and execution on site, there being no difference with the traditional Molecor grey evacuation pipe.

The range of pipes and accessories of the AR® Soundproof System covers all the needs of the designer, both for the small, as well as for the large sewage and rainwater disposal.

The Technical Building Code (TBC – CTE in Spain), in Document HS 5 “Water drainage”, in point 3.3, specifies the following: “In straight sections, at each horizontal and vertical meeting or coupling, as well as in branches, manholes made of special pieces must be provided in such a way that the distance between them does not exceed 15 m”. The AR® soundproof evacuation range more than meets these requirements.