M-OR-P 3180

A robust equipment for the most demanding projects

General information

The M-OR-P 3180 system has been designed to manufacture large diameter pipes used in the main distribution networks for high pressure water supply, uptake in lakes, desalination stations or other municipal or state major projects.

PVC-O Fittings

A revolutionary development

The technological development of Molecor®, specialized in Molecular Orientation, has allowed the expansion of the use of PVC-O pipes, known for decades.

Given the high technical performance of Oriented PVC and thanks to the industry knowledge, Molecor® is working and researching for launching PVC-O fittings, a unique product worldwide.

Union systems: Integrated Socket System

In opposition to other existing systems, Molecor Technology produces the socket at the same time as the rest of the pipe to achieve the optimum conditions for Molecular Orientation. In addition to the simultaneously and stability process, Molecor’s patented technology allows for different degrees of orientation in the required sections of the socket and for specific wall thickness distribution.