TOM PVC-O pipes are exceptionally resistant to the effects of water hammers caused by sudden changes in water volume and pressure

Water hammers occur when liquid flowing through piping stops suddenly when a valve is opened or closed, if a pump is stopped or started or by airlocks shifting within the pipe. They depend basically on the fluid’s change of speed and the pipe’s celerity, i.e. the pipe’s dimensions and the material from which it is made.

So, the lower the celerity, the greater the pipe’s resistance to water hammers.

Water hammer

TOM® PVC-O pipes have a lower celerity than pipes made from other materials (up to four times less, in the case of metal pipes). That way there is virtually no possibility of breakage in the openings and seals of networks and when starting pumping operations. That means that every part of the network is protected.



 Overpressure produced by abruptly closing a conduction with water at 2.5 m / s