Molecor, every day a step forward

Molecor is in a continuous improvement process with the collaboration of both divisions of the company. General market requirements as well as the specific of every client are our incentive to find new solutions and to provide the best service.

Innovation is part of the company's DNA, the development of new technology and services brings unique value to the customer and therefore a budget of more than 2 million euros is invested annually in research and development.

Molecor technology, the beginning of the change

Molecor was born from the development of the Molecor Technology, which represents a before and after in the manufacturing processes of oriented PVC pipes, which had limitations both at industrial and product level.

Molecor takes the advantages and eliminates the disadvantages of the different manufacturing processes obtaining an exclusive productive process that offers industrial advantages such as the improvement of energy efficiency and the minimization of manpower among others.

This technological improvement results in an improvement in the quality of the manufactured pipe: TOM® is the new generation of PVC-O pipe.

We also apply this innovative DNA to the other products in our portfolio, such as the complete SANECOR® sanitation system, the EVAC+® drainage solutions, the AR® soundproof drainage system, as well as the different solutions for floor drainage and gutter systems. We translate market needs into improvements in our products.