Efficiency and durability

Fittings for HDPE pipes are used in water mains and distribution systems, irrigation conduits, agricultural installations, livestock installations, cold water conduits in the following industries: construction, food and drink, chemical, shipbuilding and mining, domestic water intakes, gardening, among other uses.

Main advantages


Maximum strength

Easy to install

From ø20 to ø40


Decades of experience in the market


100% recyclable material

  • Fittings made of fibre-reinforced polypropylene (FRPP). They are designed to enable quick fitting with small diameters (ND 20 to 40) without having to disassemble the entire fitting and making the installation process faster and more comfortable.
  • Fittings with a metal reinforced female thread from 1 1/2” (50 mm) that improves their performance and extends their working life.
  • Manual ball valves.

Products of this family

  • Elbow 90º M Threaded
  • Elbow 90º F Threaded
  • Elbow 90º
  • Conical cap
  • Cap M
  • End plug
  • Half blind pipe bracket
  • Single pipe bracket
  • Double pipe bracket
  • Valve for PE pipe F-F
  • PVC threaded ball valve F-F
  • PVC cement ball valve F-F