PVC is a chemically inert material to all materials found in nature, so it is not necessary to take special care in the study of both the nature of the soil where the pipe is going to be bury, and the water quality that will run on his interior.

In addition, PVC-O is a homogeneous material, it does not require any special protection or coating, which in case of detachment or malfunction, reduce the life of the pipeline, everything resulting in cost savings.

It is immune to corrosion, making impossible the transfer of oxides and metals to water, what in case of potable water, can result in a public health problem if the quality parameters required for human water consumption are exceeded.

Its high chemical resistance to external agents enables the use of fertilizers and pesticides in the irrigation infrastructures being also resistant to the disinfectants commonly used in drinking water  networks.


La tubería TOM® es inmune a la corrosión.

The TOM® pipe is immune to corrosion.