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Molecor is a Spanish leader company specialized in the development of the latest technology applied to canalizations of water under pressure.

It was founded in 2006 and since then, its exponential growth and continuous improvement in the development of efficient and innovative technology for the manufacture of Oriented PVC solutions, have made of the company the current world leader.

Our mission: Make water accessible, ensuring a sustainable future.

Our vision: Leading innovation with efficient solutions for water transportation.

Our values:

  • Commitment to Human Capital
  • Commitment to the environment
  • Commitment to innovation
  • Transparency, loyalty, and trust

  • 2006: Molecor establishment
  • 2007: Molecor Technology development:
    • Air Based System
    • PVC-O pipe DN200 mm      
  • 2008: PVC-O pipe range enlargement: DN400 mm
  • 2009
    • French NF mark for TOM® PVC-O pipes made by Molecor
    • Spanish N mark for TOM® PVC-O pipes made by Molecor
  • 2010: TOM® PVC-O: DN500 mm
    • PN25 bares certification
  • 2011: TOM® PVC-O: DN630 mm
  • 2012: DN600 (666,5 mm)
    • Integrated Seal System (ISS+)
  • 2013: New factory, 11,000 T/year installed capacity

  • 2014: DN800 mm technology
  • 2015: Molecor (SEA) Sdn Bhd (Malaysia)
    • PVC-O pipe production up to DN800 mm
  • 2016: DN1200 mm technology
    • Molecor South Africa
  • 2017: ecoFITTOM®, first PVC-O fittings in the world
  • 2018: New development: CPVC-O
    • Molecor Peru
  • 2019: Fittings consolidation
    • EN 17176 publication
  • 2020: ecoFITTOM® certification
    • DN1000 mm production
    • TOM®: 50-year warranty