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Discover all the content you need for your projects with Molecor

Discover all the content you need for your projects with Molecor
Thu, 05/21/2020

Molecor, in its committed to the development and continuous implementation of technical tools to support its collaborators; makes available to the market the update of its Multiformat Catalog and BIM objects (Building Information Modeling) of TOM® pipes and ecoFITTOM® PVC-O fittings, as well as the necessary technical documentation for their application in the development of hydraulic network projects.

BIM objects are specially designed as a practical and indispensable tool of great added value for technical prescribers, which allows knowing all the products and services that Molecor offers. Product portfolio with geometric figures includes attributes and descriptions of adapted products to facilitate the development of projects.

The Multiformat Catalog includes the work units with disaggregated prices, parameters, and product memory adapted to different requirements.

Offering an accurate, accessible, and practical vision of all the parts that make up the project life cycle to the professionals and engineering firms in charge of carrying out projects, with the certainty that the exchange of information will be feasible. BC3 formats establish a protocol that allows the end-user to easily and freely exchange information between different budget programs and databases of the market and of other countries (be it BC3, PRESTO, PDF, eBOOK, Excel, Word, HTML, TXT, BIM...) of the construction, all without the need to enter the data manually. Visible on computers, tablets and mobile phones. Making it easier for professionals to create construction budgets.

Thanks to an in-depth knowledge of both the material and the hydraulic infrastructures, Molecor shows the best technical and economic alternative. Its wide range of pipe diameters and the continuous implementation in the range of fittings are an excellent alternative to be used in the construction of networks for the conveyance of water under pressure, thanks to their efficiency in the operation and their low maintenance costs as well as for their high physical-mechanical and chemical properties, which ensure reliability in the supply and environmental protection.

Molecor is a Spanish leader company specialized in the development of the Molecular Orientation Technology applied to the manufacture TOM® pipes and ecoFITTOM® fittings in Oriented PVC (PVC-O), thus increasing the possibilities of network design, with diameters that ensure the required pressure effectiveness and flow rates.

Download here quality objects and data, adapted to BIM uses.

Discover all the content you need for your projects with Molecor