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TOM®, PVC-O pipes guaranteed for 50 years: the revolution in the pressurized water transport market

TOM®, PVC-O pipes guaranteed for 50 year: the revolution in the pressurized water transport market
Thu, 09/17/2020

Molecor, a company specialized in the development of Molecular Orientation Technology, offers highly effective products and solutions to the pressurized water pipe market, which has allowed it to position itself as a leader in the manufacture and marketing of TOM® Oriented PVC Pipes (PVC -O), a product that the company guarantees for 50 years.

The technological improvement presented by the innovative and exclusive Molecular Orientation process devised by Molecor gives the “TOM® Pipe” mechanical and hydraulic characteristics far superior to the pipes made of traditional materials by its competitors. In pressurized water pipes, a pipe of great mechanical and chemical resistance is achieved, therefore, with a very high useful life; which has led Molecor to guarantee the product for 50 years for all its pipes manufactured in the Loeches production center (Madrid) in accordance with the Spanish standard UNE-EN 17176: 2019 "Pipeline systems in plastic materials for water supply , irrigation, sanitation and sewerage, buried or aerial, with pressure (based on the European standard EN 17176) and the international standard ISO 16422: 2014 “Pipes and joints made of oriented unplasticized poly (vinyl chloride) (PVC-O) for the conveyance of water under pressure ”.

TOM® Pipes have the corresponding AENOR N Mark product certifications No. 001/007104 in accordance with UNE-EN 17176: 2019, and No. 001/006537 in accordance with ISO 16422: 2014, as well as different health certificates that make it an optimal product for transporting water intended for human consumption.

TOM® Pipes are presented as the excellent alternative to be used in the transport of pressurized water, thanks to their hydraulic capacity, efficiency in the operation phase, and their low maintenance costs, due to their high physical-mechanical and chemical properties. A product of the highest quality and durability guaranteed for 50 years.

The R&D developed by Molecor revolutionizes the pipe market, becoming a cutting-edge company with its range of unique products for pressurized water pipes, large diameter and high pressure pipes with the highest degree of Molecular Orientation, the class 500, from diameter 90 to DN1200 mm and in pressures from 12.5, 16, 20 and 25 bar, anticipating customer needs and offering quality products that are committed to the environment.

TOM®, PVC-O pipes guaranteed for 50 year: the revolution in the pressurized water transport market