Molecor, every day a step forward

Molecor is in a continuous improvement process with the collaboration of both divisions of the company. General market requirements as well as the specific of every client are our incentive to find new solutions and to provide the best service.

Molecor technology, the beginning of the change

Prior to the emergence of the Molecor Technology the existing PVC Oriented processes encountered product and industrial limitations.

Molecor gathers the advantages and discards the inconveniences of different manufacturing processes in order to obtain an exclusive manufacturing process that brings industrial advantages such as energy efficiency and work force reduction, among others. This technological advance results in a quality improvement of TOM®, the new generation of PVC-O pipes.

The main difference in TOM® PVC-O pipes is the socket. In opposition to other PVC-O pipes, TOM® socket is manufactured together with the rest of the pipe in the same Molecular Orientation process, thus ensuring intacts the properties attained during the process.

Furthermore, it is efficiently designed to allocate the tightness ring and make pipe installation faster, increasing pipe installation performance and guarantying the preservation of hydraulic resources. Besides, the socket can be automatically inserted thanks to the ISS+ System.

The user experience, when details matter

As a daily quality procedure with a view to improve its customer service, Molecor gathers the needs and concerns of its clients incorporating these systematically to the manufacturing and finishing of the product.

  • Pipes are supplied with caps on both sides, to ensure its cleanliness when installed, and to avoid problems that might be produced by the presence of elements such as sand in the joints.
  • Plug-in limit mark, to facilitate pipe installation and ensure its correct assembly.
  • Shorter pipe length, to minimize their cost transport in containers.