New frontiers, a world of possibilities

The existence of multiple standards at international level for PVC-O forces Molecor to adapt its technology to comply with all the requirements, specific regulations and certifications for PVC-O pipes.

The innovation is possible thanks to the human capital, the technological and market recognition, the cooperation and continuous improvement of our internal processes and interdepartmental communication, and it is based on the fundamental principles of our company policy.

  • A R&D department devoted to the continuous improvement of our products and processes represented by highly-qualified engineers specialized in a range of technological fields using state-of-the-art tools (soft and hard) for calculation and design.
  • A production line for testing and obtaining information which is immediately applied to our products.

As a result of our innovation process, we offer our clients the result of our research in the form of motorized projects which provide new competitive strengths and strategical opportunities for the pressure water transportation market.

TOM® PVC-O pipes, as in the case of Molecor technology, are supplied to different countries in the world. Molecor actively promotes and certifies the product’s advantages in countries where this is yet unknown, in order to feature it as a clear and favorable alternative against other materials currently used for water nets.

Consequently, Molecor is a company prepared for the global market, maintaining commercial agreements with the licensees of its exclusive technology to manufacture PVC-O pipes in different countries, as well as supplying TOM® pipes, produced at its manufacturing plant in Spain, anywhere in the world.