Lightness: PVC-O systems are lighter and easier to install than those of other materials. Their elements can be manually installed up to DN315 mm. The PVC-O systems formed with ecoFITTOM® fittings and TOM® pipes are between six and twelve times lighter than the ductile systems. This fact makes it unnecessary the use of mechanical elements for their manipulation, up to the diameter mentioned before, thus contributing to considerably reduce the installation costs.

Ductility: the PVC-O excellent elasticity allows that both, the pipes and the fittings, recover their original shape after being struck or after having suffered impacts while being manipulated or installed. This ductility avoids breakages and the propagation of cracks and scratches and ensures an optimal performance of the elements once they are installed.

Plug connection system: both, the efficient design of the socket and the rubber gasket, guarantee a perfect watertight of the unions and allow connecting the pipes and the fittings in a faster way. The plug connection system facilitates the installation and ensures a correct connection between the pipes and the fittings.

Thanks to this system it is not necessary to use weldings in the unions contrary to what happens with other materials. Furthermore, PVC-O pipes and fittings' lower weigh, makes it possible a higher installation performance in comparison with the elements made of other materials.

The high chemical and mechanical resistance that PVC-O presents against degradation prevents leakages of the channeled water. This material ensures, therefore, a greater durability of the product reaching a useful life of more than 50 years compared to the 30 years that other materials present.

The PVC-O fittings, ecoFITTOM®, as well as the TOM® pipes present a higher installation performance in meters/hour in comparison with the solutions made of other materials due to the three following main reasons:

  • They are very light and flexible fittings.
  • They can be unloaded and placed in the trench in an easier way and with greater performance due to their high resistance to impact.
  • The easy connection between TOM® pipes and ecoFITTOM® fittings, thanks to the plug system, results in very high installation ratios.