Molecularly oriented TOM® pipes and ecoFITTOM® fittings are the most eco-friendly solution on the market given their enhanced contribution to the planet's correct sustainable development, as proven in different global studies, including: “Estimación del consumo energético y de la emisión de CO2 asociado a la producción, uso y disposición final de tuberías de PVC, PEHD, PP, Fundición y Hormigón” (Estimated energy consumption and CO2 emissions associated with production, use and final disposal of PVC, HDPE, PP, cast and concrete pipes - Polytechnic University of Catalonia) and the environmental label “PVC-O Environmental Product Declaration TEPPFA” (The European Plastics Pipes and Fittings Association). They offer environmental advantages at every phase in their life cycle, from raw material extraction to final disposal of waste, via manufacture and use. As such, TOM® pipes and ecoFITTOM® accessories allow sustainable environments to be constructed (SDG 11). 

One of the most significant environmental aspects demonstrated in these studies is the reduced energy consumption throughout their entire life cycle. This means the energy saved during their manufacture and useful life significantly helps in the fight against climate change (SDG 13), owing to a reduced carbon footprint instigated by fewer CO2 emissions associated with energy consumption. 

As a result of applying circular economy concepts, in line with the requirements set out in applicable product standards and considering that the material is fully recyclable, the company uses material recycled from its own production process to manufacture both pipes and accessories.
Molecor products don't include hazardous substances, such as lead, in their formulation, in another example of responsible consumption and a contribution to sustainability. Consequently, as well as complying with applicable legal requirements, this ensures their suitability for piping water for human consumption and using the material to manufacture other plastic products.

Molecor's class 500 PVC-O TOM® pipes optimise natural resource consumption, offering improved durability and respecting the environment with a competitive environmental footprint with regard to traditional materials. They're also fully recyclable.