Molecor participates in the 9th edition of the World Water Forum in Dakar, Senegal
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Dakar, Senegal

From 21 to 26 March Molecor will participate in the 9thedition of the World Water Forum that will take place in Dakar (Senegal) showing its solutions at stand D15. Under the slogan "Water security for peace and development", nowadays and future global challenges included in 2030 Agenda, to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals, will be addressed.

The main objective of this event is to reinforce global action to ensure the availability of safe drinking water and sanitation, especially in Africa, Asia and Latin America, in order to give hope to hundred millions people who lack this essential commodity for life and basic to the economic development of these areas.

Molecor, as a world leader in molecular orientation technology applied to PVC, manufactures TOM® PVC-O pipes and ecoFITTOM® PVC-O fittings of the maximum quality in order to develop more efficient and environmentally friendly pressurised water transport networks. Molecor's extensive experience in the sector and its collaboration in large-scale projects throughout the five continents, sets the company as a market leader.

As part of the water industry, and key player of its transformation, Molecor participates in the World Water Forum presenting its products: TOM®, ecoFITTOM®.

  • TOM® is the best PVC-O solution for the conveyance of water at medium and high pressures. Pipes that include the latest technological advances with exceptional performance.
  • EcoFITTOM® is the range of PVC-O fittings that allows you to develop all your water network with the same qualities as TOM® pipes.

Visit us at stand D15 to know in detail the advantages of our products and the benefits of our technology applied to: irrigation, water supply and infrastructure, reuse, sanitation, fire extinguishing networks, industrial applications, etc.

Molecor participa en la 9º edición del World Water Forum en Dakar, Senegal