We invite you to follow the webinar on Mechanical Calculation for PVC-O pressurized water networks, by Marcos Rincón, Molecor Pre-Post Sales Technician, next June 10, at 10:00 am, in which the different possibilities of the TOM Calculation application will be shown when designing water networks under pressure in PVC-O.

This is an effective web application that, through a simple design, provides high functionality and user interaction, becoming an essential tool in the design phase of different installation projects. In addition, being an application that is in continuous development and improvement to adapt to possible changes in regulations, user needs, etc. provides users with a custom interface for creating their own projects and associated calculations.

TOM Calculation provides as a result the different stresses that PVC-O pipes will withstand, as well as their safety coefficients to break and crush, based on different standards.

It is of great importance to carry out the mechanical calculation of buried pipelines to assess the mechanical stresses that are transmitted to the pipeline by the action of different external loads. This application allows to carry out these calculations in a simple way, providing complete reports with the results of all the calculations, thus validating the most suitable type of pipe for the specific conditions of each installation.

Among the different functionalities that TOM Calculation offers are these:

  • Description of projects and associated calculations.
  • Project management and calculations.
  • Projects and calculations made by the user.
  • Help guide for using the application.
  • Abbreviated and extensive results report.
  • Inquiry form.

You will learn how to use all these options and more next June 10, in our webinar.

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Molecor Mechanical calculation for PVC-O pressurized water networks