Boosting the efficient and sustainable water resources management

On 22 April is International Mother Earth Day, a date set by the United Nations to raise awareness and give visibility to the environmental problems of our planet: soil degradation, loss of biodiversity, rising temperatures and water scarcity.

The challenges that we are currently facing require global measures to correct the effects that climate change will have in the short and long term on our lives and environment. A change that is already present and that requires us to modify our way of consuming and producing goods, mitigating our environmental footprint and seeking the circularity of the processes.

At Molecor we are aware of the environmental responsibility that water management represents. A scarce resource that we must care for and protect by means of efficient and sustainable infrastructures designed to optimize its transport, avoiding its loss or contamination at all times. PVC-O hydraulic networks, with TOM® pipes and ecoFITTOM® fittings are the best solution for medium and high-pressure water pipelines, as their extraordinary resistance allows them to extend their useful life for longer. A corrosion-proof material that achieves total fluid-tightness thanks to the perfect union of its elements that prevent the penetration of external substances.

Part of our commitment to nature is reflected in our unique production process that does not require water consumption for the manufacture of the tubes. An ecological and sustainable solution with low energy consumption that releases less CO2 emissions into the atmosphere and integrates material recycling into the production chain.

The health of the planet demands the transformation and modernization of water transport systems with efficient and sustainable solutions such as TOM® pipes and ecoFITTOM® fittings. Investing in our planet is building our future.

Mother Earth Day. Boosting the efficient and sustainable water resources management