The latest revolution from Molecor, the geoTOM® application

Molecor, the leading company in supply, sanitation and building solutions has developed an innovative application to geolocate the pipes that form a part of the pressurised water supply network: geoTOM®.

Molecor's main goal is to improve people's quality of life by making water accessible. The company's ongoing work in R&D&I has enabled developments such as this one, which allows it to leverage the water resources available across the world and achieve more efficient, more sustainable management of this scarce resource, water.

Cutting-edge technology, combined with the industry's needs, have given rise to a useful tool that facilitates the work of each project, allowing full mapping of an installation as well as traceability and the exact geolocation of each part in the project. This innovative application can be used in different countries and is available in English, Spanish and French. 

geoTOM® offers numerous advantages in geolocating underground pipes and accessories, leading to monetary and resources savings compared with traditional processes or alternative methods that require a greater investment.

The information for TOM® and ecoFITTOM® products, manufactured by Molecor, can be obtained by scanning the QR code on each of them. This information offers full traceability of the components installed, and all technical information and data for each product can be consulted from anywhere. geoTOM® achieves full traceability of TOM® pipes and ecoFITTOM® fittings manufactured by Molecor thanks to the M.E.S. (Manufacturing Execution System) for monitoring processes with connectivity 4.0, while the app also allows users to geolocate parts made by any manufacturer or with any material from its library, or even by adding components manually.

Molecor and its products are aligned with the SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals). It is mainly concerned with SDG 6, to which geoTOM® also makes a contribution: “Ensure availability and sustainable management of water and sanitation for all” by 2030.

geoTOM® is an intuitive, comprehensive, easy-to-use app. All you need to do is download it on your mobile device and register. After doing so, you can create different projects, add new parts, include comments, add images, ask for assistance, report incidents, etc. To add new components to the network, simply scan the QR code on either the TOM® pipe or ecoFITTOM® fitting to be installed and you will be able to immediately access all of the product's information: from its production, raw material, production centre, batch number, date and time of manufacture, among other characteristics, right up to its installation. 

Use of this tool allows users to access precise technical information in real time on supply, irrigation and regenerated water networks, among others. To manage projects and water networks as efficiently as possible, geoTOM® can add as many users as necessary within a project so they can work together on it and complete the geolocation details for full traceability of the network.

Molecor never ceases to reinvent itself and adapt to the industry's latest needs, but it never loses sight of its firm commitment to sustainability and the environment.

The latest revolution from Molecor, the geoTOM® application