Molecor acquires the Adequa Productive Unit

On September 30, 2021, Molecor completed the process of acquiring the Adequa production unit (formerly Uralita Sistemas de Tuberías), thus complying with the provisions of the order of July 29, 2021 of the Commercial Court No. 12. After this acquisition, Molecor triples its previous turnover and becomes one of the leading companies in the pipeline market in Spain. From this day on, it can be said that Molecor is bigger, more diverse, and, above all, it is a company with more foundations for growth.

The plants in Spain of Getafe (Oriented PVC manufacturing technology and R&D headquarters) and Loeches (Oriented PVC pipes and fittings manufacturing), are now joined by those of Alovera (Guadalajara), Alcázar de San Juan (Ciudad Real) and Antequera (Málaga), thus adding to the Oriented PVC pipes and fittings that Molecor had been manufacturing, a wide portfolio of products:

  • Building solutions (EVAC+, AR®, floor evacuation, gutter system, siphons)
  • Solutions for sanitation and drainage (SANECOR® corrugated PVC sanitation, SANECOR® manholes, COMPACT SN4 smooth system, PVC drainage system)
  • Supply and distribution (smooth pressure PVC, fittings for smooth PE pipes)

Molecor has developed a unique business model in the pipeline sector based on three fundamental pillars: innovation, internationalization and agility in decision-making, which has allowed it to achieve growth rates well above the sector even in recent tougher periods of crises, and an extraordinary international presence. The efficient transport and management of water is one of the fundamental bases for progress and thus represents great business potential. With this acquisition, Molecor continues its growth process, the objective of which is to be a world leader in the sector and a benchmark for quality, efficiency and sustainability.

Molecor continues with its growth process whose objective is to be a world leader in the sector and a benchmark of  quality,efficiency and sustainability

Molecor is the leading company in Molecular Orientation Technology applied to PVC and the manufacture of PVC-O pipes and fittings for the transport of pressurized water. Since its foundation in 2006, its exponential growth and continuous improvement of products and processes, as well as its dual vision as a manufacturer of technology and a manufacturer of PVC-O pipes and fittings, have made it the current world leader in the sector. In 2020 MCH Private Equity acquired a majority stake in the company, carrying out a major capital increase to support future growth, growth that continues with the recent acquisition of the Adequa Productive Unit.