Molecor celebrates World Day for Safety and Health at Work

As every year, on April 28 we commemorate World Day for Safety and Health at Work, a day dedicated to raising awareness of the importance of preventing accidents in the workplace and occupational diseases.

This celebration, promoted by the International Labor Organization (ILO) since 1996 to meet the needs of workers who have suffered an accident or occupational disease, aims to reduce the number of deaths, injuries and illnesses resulting from work at a global level. 

On this occasion, the ILO will focus its activities on the impact of climate change on occupational safety and health. Some of the occupational hazards caused by climate change:

  • Heat stress: the increasingly frequent heat waves are the cause of numerous cases of dehydration, exhaustion and heat stroke, especially in jobs performed outdoors or in poorly ventilated environments.
  • UV radiation: although a slight recovery of the ozone layer has been demonstrated, its thinness causes sunburns that can lead to skin cancer and other dermatological diseases.
  • Increased exposure to agrochemicals: the increased use of pesticides and herbicides used to deal with the pests and droughts that our countryside is experiencing poses a serious risk to agricultural workers, who suffer intoxications and chronic diseases derived from these products.

In order to curb these health problems, we can all contribute by taking actions to reduce the impact of our activity on the environment. April 28th is an opportunity to join forces and take action to help protect workers from the risks of climate change. 

At Molecor we are convinced that only through joint and committed action can we face the challenges of climate change and guarantee a dignified and safe working future for present and future generations.

For this reason, Molecor's Occupational Risk Prevention Department has participated during this week in the following presentations:

  • Monday, April 22: Optimal integration of prevention in company management.
  • Tuesday, April 23: evolution of prevention towards well-being at work.
  • Wednesday, April 24: innovation and optimization of occupational risk prevention training and communication.
  • Thursday, April 25: occupational risk prevention in times of change: the challenges of artificial intelligence and global warming.
  • Friday, April 26: Technical seminar at the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health INSST: “Repercussions of climate change on occupational safety and health”.

In addition, as part of the Mobility Plan, an online course on mobility and road safety will be given to raise awareness among employees of the importance of responsible driving, both in their daily commute to and from work, as well as to improve the health and well-being of employees by reducing the stress involved in daily driving.

At Molecor, the safety and health of our employees, as well as the fight against climate change, are fundamental values. To this end, we are committed to becoming Net Zero by 2040 through the implementation of measures such as the use of renewable energies and the implementation of energy saving measures. These actions not only contribute to climate change mitigation, but also allow us to move towards a more sustainable and responsible business model.

By promoting common measures against global warming, together we will be able to build a safer, healthier and more sustainable working future with which we can guarantee the well-being of people. This is a commitment that we must all assume with responsibility and determination.

Molecor celebrates World Day for Safety and Health at Work