MOLECOR Forest. Contributing to Caring for the Planet through Reforestation

Like every year, on 22 April we celebrate Earth Day, a day that serves to highlight the importance of looking after our planet and conserving its ecosystems in all its continents and oceans.

One of the most powerful alternatives to restore ecosystems and combat climate change is reforestation is reforestation; therefore, coinciding with this highly symbolic day for protecting Planet Earth, and following our commitment to social and environmental responsibility, by partnering up with Treedom, we have created MOLECOR Forest.

MOLECOR Forest. Contribución al Cuidado del Planeta a través de la Reforestación

MOLECOR Forest: Smart Water, Smart Forest

Molecor Forest is a real forest in which 600 trees distributed between Madagascar, Tanzania and Thailand have been planted, and where you can find species that favor biodiversity such as mangroves, and vulnerable and endangered species such as cedars and mahogany trees.

As part of the integration of the corporate social responsibility culture for all members of the organisation, Molecor gives a tree to each of the company's employees, so that each of you can become a direct ambassador of the cause and a virtual guardian of your tree, because through the MyTreedom space, you will be able to see its photo and geolocation online, as well as receive updates on the evolution of the project in which your tree is growing.

The creation of the Molecor Forest will not only contribute to protecting biodiversity, but will also help to mitigate climate change, as the trees planted will absorb 227 tonnes of CO₂ from the atmosphere, thereby contributing to shrinking the organisation’s carbon footprint. Furthermore, it will generate enormous benefits for the people who live in it, as NGOs and local communities will be directly involved in the selection of suitable trees and sites for planting by local farmers, who will look after them over the long term – all with the goal of promoting sustainable development and generating a positive impact both on the planet and the persons living in it.

MOLECOR Forest. Contributing to Caring for the Planet through Reforestation

Biodiversity as a strategy for sustainability and contribution to the SDGs

Biodiversity has been considered one of the strategic levers of Molecor’s Sustainability Master Plan, and is an area that will be actively pursued in the coming years – starting with the establishment of a biodiversity strategy that will make it possible to implement environmentally sustainable activities and contribute towards a carbon-neutral economy.

The creation of this forest in collaboration with Treedom is one of the greenest, most sustainable and eco-friendly actions for the environment and our planet that Molecor has carried out to date, and will enable us to do our bit towards preventing, stopping and reversing the degradation of ecosystems, in addition to mitigating climate change, as it will contribute to the absorption of greenhouse gases from the atmosphere, air purification, soil regeneration and ecosystem development. At the same time, community development will be promoted by supporting the local economy and populations.

This action will also showcase Molecor’s contribution towards achieving several of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) – in particular, Goal 13, Climate Action, and Goal 15, Life on Land.