Molecor's Social Commitment to the underprivileged

World Refugee Day is a moment to reflect on the situation of millions of people who have been forced to flee their homes for various reasons. It should serve to raise awareness of the problem and act accordingly.

At Molecor, we are committed to having a positive impact on both the planet and people through the development of our business. With regard to improving our social performance, we actively participate in different social action initiatives in an attempt to mitigate social problems in our environment.

One of these initiatives is the collaboration with NGOs, including UNHCR.  The purpose of this type of alliance is to go beyond economic collaboration, as it is an opportunity to raise awareness throughout the organisation, giving visibility to the most disadvantaged people, such as refugees, who have had to leave their homes and need to be given special attention.

We are aware that social action is essential in the first moments of refugee displacement in a humanitarian crisis caused by an extreme situation, such as the case of the war in Ukraine, where rapid action is needed to provide shelter, food and medical assistance to the displaced. That is why, since the outbreak of the war more than two years ago, we have collaborated with UNHCR through its "Emergency Ukraine" campaign, doing our bit to help refugee families affected by the war.

We also reacted rapidly to other critical situations, in which humanitarian aid was also absolutely necessary, in this case caused by a natural disaster, the devastating earthquake that destroyed a large part of southern Turkey last year. This time, the donation was made of products manufactured by the company, oriented PVC pipes, which were used for the reconstruction of the water supply networks for the population.  This action is fully aligned with the organisation's purpose: "Improving the quality of life of the people by providing affordable water within their reach".

Another of the initiatives developed is the collaboration with the NGO Agua Pura, which carries out its activities in Madagascar. On this occasion, the collaboration has enabled the construction of two water wells that help to mitigate the effects of the great drought suffered on the island and the famine derived from it. The water extracted from these wells will improve the health of the population and the development of crops.

We are currently collaborating with UNHCR in the donation of pipes manufactured by the company for the construction of a water supply network for a refugee camp in Sudan. The task is being complex due to the war and instability in the country, but we are working hard to bring clean water to the inhabitants of the camp and improve their quality of life.

Unfortunately, humanitarian crises are prolonged over time, so it is important not to forget that refugees remain in need of help, and therefore we must continue to maintain partnerships over time. Alliances to achieve objectives such as SDG 17 are important for Molecor in all areas of its activity, but in this case, these social alliances also contribute to the reduction of inequalities (SDG10) and the end of poverty (SDG1), allowing the organisation to provide its assistance to improve the lives of the most vulnerable people.

Molecor's Social Commitment to the underprivileged