TR6®, the new oriented pipe that will revolutionize the irrigation sector.

Molecor launches TR6®, the new oriented PVC pipe, a product manufactured with the company’s exclusive technology to offer the irrigation sector a solution more adapted to needs of farmers and crops.

With this new solution, the company extends its range of solutions to supply pressurized water, opening up the use of PVC-O to new applications where previously only other materials could be used.

TR6® is presented as a great ally for crops and fields affected by the long periods of drought suffered in recent years and which may increase in the coming decades.

Why use TR6®?

Molecor offer this new product in a range of nominal diameter from 90 to 400 mm, allowing to carry out any type of irrigation project and cover the general needs of the countryside.

The TR6® pipe provides stiffness levels superior to other type of solutions, a higher elasticity (more than 15%), and a great costs efficiency because it can be handled and installed manually up to DN350 mm. Moreover, TR6® is the most sustainable solution for irrigation applications due to having a lower Carbon Footprint and energy consumption during all its useful life.

Like the rest of the PVC-O solutions offered by Molecor to the market, the new pipes have a great ductility, immunity to corrosion and high resistance to impacts and water hammer effects. These characteristics make the TR6® a product with a high reliability for any project and terrain where phytosanitary products are used for plant care and pest protection.

TR6® pipes are manufactured in Oriented PVC using the Molecor technology. This way maximum product traceability is achieved thanks to the M.E.S. system (Manufacting Execution System) for processes monitoring with 4.0 connectivity. This system, together with the geoTOM® application, allows to geolocate the different elements that constitute the network.

The use of TR6® pipes in irrigation systems provide the benefits of PVC-O, contributing to an improvement in the efficiency of the network.

Upcoming events

The launch of TR6® will be shown in upcoming events, with samples of this new product in different forums and events that will take place during the coming months in different parts of the world.

This week, the visitors to Expo Agua Peru will be able to know the characteristics of the TR6® pipes and its novelty compared to the current products in the market. In the same way, the company will reserve a space for this solution at the ENEG fair, which will be held in Portugal in November, in order to show the advantages of the new brand for irrigation.

The new pipes, with this working pressure, manage to optimize to a higher level the resources necessary to deliver water to any crop, offering the best characteristics.

In addition, thanks to the use of TR6®, the useful life of the network will be increased and the possibility of leaks will be drastically reduced. Thus, two points of concern that are present in water transport systems are eliminated, reducing their costs.

The TR6® solution represents a new breakthrough for hydraulic supply networks, expanding the applications in which Oriented PVC can be used and providing better properties to crop irrigation networks where, until now, other conventional materials have been used that suffer from low ductility, durability or impact resistance.

Its easy pipe-socket joint system contributes to a reduction in the time required for installation, while the light weight offered by the material means that its handling does not require the use of heavy machinery.



TR6®, he new oriented pipe that will revolutionize the irrigation sector.