Mise à jour du Catalogue Multiformat de Molecor

Molecor publishes the new update of the Multi-format Catalogue with new content in product range, certification and technical support documentation. It is also available in Spanish and English.

The Molecor Multi-format Catalog is an online tool for use by civil construction professionals in the development of their hydraulic network projects. The tool includes the work units with disaggregated prices, parameters, and product memory adapted to different requirements.

BC3 formats establish a protocol that allows the final user to easily and freely exchange information between different budget programs and databases of the market and other countries (be it BC3, PRESTO, PDF, eBOOK, Excel, Word, HTML, TXT, BIM...) of the construction, all without the need to enter data manually. Visible on computers, tablets and mobile phones. Making it easier for professionals to create construction budgets.

BIM files include the range of TOM® PVC-O pipes available in a wide range of nominal pressures (12.5, 16, 20 and 25 bar) and diameters: from DN90 to DN1200 mm, and ecoFITTOM® PVC-O fittings manufactured in nominal pressure of 16 bar. PVC-O pipes and fittings are compatible with other technical solutions in other materials.

Molecor, Spanish leader company specialized in the development of the Molecular Orientation technology applied to the manufacture TOM® pipes and ecoFITTOM® fittings in Oriented PVC (PVC-O), increases in this way the possibilities of network design, with diameters that ensure the required pressure effectiveness and flow rates.

Molecor solutions have several advantages compared to other traditional materials. Among these characteristics we can highlight: their higher hydraulic capacity, enabling the conveyance of higher volumes of water for the same diameter; fewer head losses with improved energy costs; their better response to water hammer due to their lower celerity and their excellent impact resistance. The TOM® pipe is the one that provides the highest installation performance in meters/hour of assembly compared to other solutions, due to their lightness and ductility, and mainly to their ease of connection. The water-tightness with which these pipes contribute to the system in the conduction avoids leaks and, therefore, water losses, which would reduce the volume of water supplied.

The Molecular Orientation process provides the Class 500 TOM® Pipe with exceptional mechanical and hydraulic characteristics and with a useful life of more than 100 years. This series of features provide solutions aimed at optimizing the available water resources, and reducing energy costs in hydraulic infrastructures.

Update of the Molecor Multi-format Catalogue

Actualización del Catálogo Multiformato de Molecor