World Environment Day. More friendly and environmentally networks

June 5 is the Day of the Environment and under the slogan "Only one Earth" promoted by the United Nations, Molecor would like to support this initiative by highlighting the need to halve annual greenhouse gas emissions by 2030.

Our planet's climate is suffering a progressive increase in temperature, which directly impacts the loss of habitats and biodiversity. If we add to this problem the pollution caused by the direct action of mankind, the situation becomes more complex and this obliges us to take urgent global measures. In this scenario, the care of water and the protection of water resources takes on major importance, and we as manufacturers of pipelines and water transport networks play a very important role to give a solution.

At Molecor we are aware that water management is essential to guarantee the quality of its supply and make more responsible and efficient use of a limited resource. The development of molecular orientation technology and the creation of pipes and fittings in PVC-O has allowed us to offer top-quality solutions that improve the overall performance of the facilities, ensuring water quality, optimizing their transport and respecting their environment.

The TOM® pipes and ecoFITTOM® fittings in PVC-O are born with the idea of transforming the eco-efficiency of the networks. A 100% recyclable material whose durability and resistance guarantees the good condition of the infrastructure for more than 50 years. Today TOM® is the most sustainable pipeline on the market, whose design has taken into account the preservation of the environment considering aspects such as energy savings, minimum consumption of natural resources, durability of facilities and respect for nature. Its excellent physical and mechanical properties, together with a minimum environmental impact, make it the most ecological option to modernize the channeling systems applied to irrigation, drinking water supply, and transport for industrial applications.

Our high knowledge of the sector and the technological know-how applied in all our plastic products, whether for construction or infrastructure, allows us to respond to a wide variety of needs in the areas of sanitation and drainage with the 100% watertight corrugated SANECOR® system, in the evacuation of water from buildings with reliable systems such as EVAC+®  and soundproofed as AR®  that provide greater comfort and safety, in addition to having a line of products of siphons, gutters and various complements that allow the correct installation of the system. A whole set of solutions designed for the entire water utilization cycle that place us as a reference in the pipeline market.

Molecor’s commitment to offer more environmentally friendly networks is reflected in the eco-label Environmental Footprint FV Seal received by its TOM® pipelines and its voluntary participation in the Operation Clean Sweep Program (OCS) which involves responsible management and monitoring of good practices in order to prevent the leakage of plastic particles (pellets, flakes or dust) to the natural environment.

World Environment Day. More friendly and environmentally networks