World Sanitation Day. Molecor's purpose: to improve people's quality of life by making affordable water available to them.

World Sanitation Day has been celebrated on 19 November since 2013 to raise awareness of the 3.6 billion people who live without access to safely managed sanitation. Although the right to sanitation is recognised as one of the most basic human rights, many people do not have an adequate system and the numbers remain high.

Among the measures to be achieved is "Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) 6: sanitation and water for all by 2030". Molecor's aim is to achieve a sustainable future for all, which is why, as a company, it is aligned with the SDGs of the United Nations. 

The main SDG for Molecor is number 6, which establishes "Ensure availability and sustainable management of water and sanitation for all". The company's activity revolves around two main axes: the development and manufacture of increasingly efficient production systems, and the manufacture of PVC pipes and fittings for infrastructure, sanitation and building applications, with the aim of building safer and more sustainable water networks that manage to supply the whole world.

This year's theme is "Making the Invisible Resource Visible", which focuses on the effects of the sanitation crisis on groundwater, as inadequate sanitation can risk contaminating rivers, lakes and soils, thereby altering groundwater resources. Safely managed sanitation protects groundwater from contamination by human excreta. An invisible problem because it happens underground and because it occurs in the poorest and most marginalised communities. 

That's why at Molecor we work with the SANECOR® corrugated PVC sanitation system, an innovative solution for managing and exploiting the entire water cycle. Sanecor® pipes and manholes are the best option for urban sewage networks, wastewater and rainwater collectors, interceptor sewers, outfalls, drains and, in general, pipes that transport acid or alkaline solutions.

Molecor's Sanecor® system is available in a wide range (PVC pipes, in DN160 to DN1200 mm, in 3 and 6 m lengths and manholes in diameters from DN600 to DN 1200 mm with depths of up to 9 m) with absolute watertightness and very high rigidity values against loads. These products, made of 100% recyclable material and with maximum energy efficiency throughout their life cycle, have an optimal environmental performance. 

World Sanitation Day. Molecor's purpose: to improve people's quality of life by making affordable water available to them