Molecor celebrates International Women's Day and, as every year, joins the latest initiative of the Adecco Foundation with the aim of accelerating the employment of women who have it more difficult and are at risk of exclusion.

In our company we work to create an increasingly inclusive, respectful and egalitarian culture between men and women. Progress towards gender equality is still slow, which is why our company wants to contribute to reducing the gender gap suffered by women in our country and reducing the female unemployment rate in order to mitigate this situation.

This year the awareness campaign "Born for exclusion?", conveys a powerful message to society: the greater risk of exclusion to which women are exposed from birth, and how employment is the element par excellence to get ahead.

Molecor joins this alliance to work hand in hand with the Adecco Foundation and identify employment opportunities for women at risk of exclusion, specifically addressing their needs.

All this in a context in which 6.5 million women in Spain (27.2% of the total) are at risk of social exclusion, with unemployment being the main trigger. Among men, the figure drops to 24.8% of the total (5.7 million). The reason for this gap lies mainly in the predominant role assigned to women in family responsibilities, which leads to higher inactivity ratios, a higher unemployment rate and a tendency to concentrate on part-time work, with a consequent lower level of income.

This initiative is developed under the social mission #EmpleoParaTodas and is aligned with the 2030 Agenda responding to four Sustainable Development Goals, which are: end of poverty, reduction of inequalities, gender equality, decent work and economic growth.